Why I Coach–Joe M.

Joe M., an expert Leland MBA and consulting coach, outlines why he chooses to coach and what it means to him.

Joe M.

By Joe M.

Posted February 3, 2023

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After getting my resume back from a post-MBA veteran, I felt defeated. What I thought was my best, most polished version, was sent back riddled with feedback on nearly every line. Although discouraged at first glance, after reading through the comments I understood what I had to do and I appreciated the detailed effort put forth by a fellow veteran.

Make your bullets accomplishment-focused, less duty description… For example, try... Better translate your military accomplishments into private sector language… Fewer acronyms... Maybe try this verbiage…

I felt like I could actually action these. The comments were crisp, tailored, and constructive. Throughout my journey, folks have provided essential feedback at pivotal moments in my journey.

Transitioning out of the Army can be a lonely process. At times it feels like you’re the only one who has ever thought of transitioning and there are times when you feel like you’re “quitting the team.” Initially, I was unsure where to go or who to talk to about a career outside the military. Finding a partner for the process was challenging, but proved to be a critical component of my success. I joined Leland to be a part of an organization that pairs those who are seeking assistance, with those who have the expertise to provide it.

I coach to pay it forward. I coach because I enjoy providing the candid, clear, honest, and focused feedback that others gave to me. I coach because I’m eternally grateful to those who’ve spent their time, energy, and resources to help me along the way.


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