How to Ace Your Kellogg Video Essay – Overview & Expert Tips

Learn how to nail your Kellogg video essay with expert tips and a comprehensive overview.

Posted February 7, 2024

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The Kellogg video essay is an important component of your application to the Kellogg School of Management. It provides you with an opportunity to showcase your personality, communication skills, and fit with the Kellogg community. In this article, we will explore the significance of the video essay, what Kellogg is looking for in your response, and provide expert tips to help you excel in this aspect of your application process.

How Important is the Kellogg Video Essay?

The video essay holds great weight in the evaluation of your application. It allows the admissions committee to assess your verbal communication skills, body language, and ability to think on your feet. Moreover, it offers a glimpse into your personality, which is a crucial factor in determining your fit with the Kellogg community. Therefore, it is essential to approach this essay with careful consideration and preparation.

When you think about the video essay, imagine yourself stepping into the shoes of a Kellogg student. This is your chance to showcase your unique qualities and demonstrate why you are a perfect fit for the Kellogg community. As you prepare for the video essay, think about the experiences and stories that have shaped you into the person you are today. Consider the values and principles that guide your actions and decisions. By sharing these insights, you can provide the admissions committee with a deeper understanding of who you are and what you can contribute to the Kellogg community.

The Role of the Video Essay in Your Application

The video essay is designed to complement the written components of your application, such as your essays and resume. It provides another dimension for the admissions committee to assess your candidacy. Your video essay offers a unique opportunity to provide a more personal and dynamic presentation of your qualifications, experiences, and aspirations.

Imagine yourself sitting across from the admissions committee, engaging in a conversation about your goals and aspirations. The video essay allows you to bring your application to life and create a lasting impression. Through your words, gestures, and expressions, you can convey your passion, determination, and commitment to making a positive impact in the business world.

Remember, the video essay is not just about showcasing your achievements; it is about showcasing your potential. It is an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to think critically, solve problems, and communicate effectively. Use this platform to highlight your unique perspective, innovative ideas, and ability to collaborate with others.

What Kellogg is Looking for in Your Video Essay

Kellogg seeks candidates who exhibit strong interpersonal skills, leadership potential, and a genuine passion for learning. The video essay allows the admissions committee to evaluate these qualities in an interactive and engaging format. Therefore, it is essential to convey your authentic self, while also highlighting your strengths and achievements.

When preparing for the video essay, take some time to reflect on your experiences and identify the moments that have shaped your leadership abilities. Think about the challenges you have faced, the lessons you have learned, and the impact you have made. By sharing these stories, you can demonstrate your ability to lead and inspire others.

Additionally, Kellogg values diversity and inclusivity. Use the video essay as an opportunity to showcase your cultural awareness, empathy, and ability to work effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Highlight instances where you have demonstrated your commitment to fostering an inclusive environment and creating opportunities for others.

Lastly, remember to be yourself. The admissions committee is looking for authentic individuals who will contribute to the Kellogg community in meaningful ways. Embrace your unique qualities, share your passions, and let your personality shine through. The video essay is your chance to make a lasting impression and show why you are the perfect fit for Kellogg.

What You Need to Prepare for Your Kellogg Video Essay

Proper preparation is key to performing well in your Kellogg video essay. By researching and understanding the essay prompt, planning your response, and practicing your delivery, you can boost your confidence and ensure a successful performance.

Research and Understand the Essay Prompt

Take the time to thoroughly understand the essay prompt. Consider the specific question being asked and the qualities Kellogg is looking for. Reflect on your own experiences, goals, and values that align with the prompt. This will help you craft a compelling and relevant response.

Plan Your Response

Before recording your video essay, outline your main points and structure your response. Consider the key messages you want to convey and the examples you will use to support your statements. A well-planned and organized response will help you articulate your thoughts more effectively.

Practice Your Delivery

Practice delivering your response multiple times. Pay attention to your body language, vocal tone, and facial expressions. Practice in front of a mirror or record yourself to identify areas of improvement. Seek feedback from friends, family, or mentors to refine your presentation skills.

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3 Key Technical Aspects of the Kellogg Video Essay

In addition to the content of your video essay, technical aspects play a significant role in the overall impression you make on the admissions committee. By carefully considering the equipment you use, setting up your recording environment, and dressing appropriately, you can enhance the quality and professionalism of your video essay.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Select a camera or webcam that delivers high-quality video and audio. Ensure that the lighting is adequate and that the microphone captures clear sound. Investing in a external microphone or using headphones with built-in microphones can improve the audio quality of your recording.

Setting Up Your Recording Environment

Choose a quiet and well-lit area for recording your video essay. Remove any distractions or potential interruptions. Consider the background of your video as it can provide additional context about your personality and interests. A clutter-free and professional setting will leave a positive impression on the admissions committee.

Dressing for Success

Wear professional attire that reflects your understanding of the importance of this interview-like experience. Dress as you would for an in-person interview, ensuring that your outfit is well-coordinated and appropriate for the business school setting. Presenting yourself professionally will demonstrate your professionalism and readiness for the MBA program.

How to Craft Your Video Essay Content

Once you have prepared the technical aspects, it's time to focus on the content of your video essay. By structuring your response, incorporating your personality, and highlighting your strengths and achievements, you can create a compelling video essay that sets you apart from other candidates.

Structure Your Response

Begin your video essay with a concise introduction that conveys your main points and establishes a connection with the audience. Clearly articulate your thoughts and use logical transitions between ideas. End your essay with a well-crafted conclusion that summarizes your key messages and leaves a lasting impression.

Incorporate Your Personality

Allow your personality to shine through in your video essay. Be yourself and let your passion and enthusiasm for your experiences and goals come through. This will help the admissions committee get a sense of your authenticity and determine your fit with the Kellogg community.

Highlight Your Strengths and Achievements

Showcase your unique strengths, accomplishments, and experiences that make you a compelling candidate. Be specific and provide concrete examples to support your statements. Demonstrating your achievements will reinforce your suitability for the Kellogg MBA program and help you leave a lasting impression on the admissions committee.

In conclusion, the Kellogg video essay is an important opportunity for you to showcase your communication skills, personality, and fit with the Kellogg School of Management. By understanding the significance of the video essay, preparing diligently, considering the technical aspects, and crafting compelling content, you can ace your Kellogg video essay and boost your chances of admission to this prestigious business school.

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