Best Companies for Product Managers: Top Employers for PMs in 2023

Discover the top companies that offer the best opportunities for product managers in 2023.

Posted May 16, 2023

As the demand for product managers continues to rise, it's becoming increasingly important for job seekers to identify companies that value and prioritize product management. In this article, we'll be discussing the top companies for product managers in 2023 and exploring what makes these employers stand out in terms of career advancement, compensation, culture, and more. Here are our top picks for the best companies for PMs:

How We Selected the Top Employers for PMs

Before we dive into the list of companies, it's important to understand how we came up with our choices. We considered a range of factors, including job satisfaction ratings, employee reviews, company culture, career growth opportunities, salary and benefits, industry reputation, and commitment to diversity and inclusion. We also took into account recent developments and changes in the industry, such as technological advancements and emerging markets.

One of the key factors we looked at was the company's track record in successfully delivering projects. We analyzed their project management methodologies, tools, and processes to ensure that they have a proven track record of delivering projects on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of their clients. We also looked at their project portfolio to ensure that they have experience in delivering projects in a variety of industries and domains.

Another important factor we considered was the company's investment in employee training and development. We looked for companies that provide their employees with opportunities to learn and grow, both professionally and personally. This includes access to training programs, mentorship, and coaching, as well as opportunities to attend conferences and industry events. We believe that companies that invest in their employees' growth and development are more likely to have a motivated and engaged workforce, which ultimately leads to better project outcomes.

The Importance of Working for a Company That Values Product Management

Product management is a critical function of any organization that wants to stay competitive and innovative. Companies that prioritize product management demonstrate a commitment to understanding customer needs, developing quality products, and staying ahead of market trends. As a product manager, working for a company that values your skills and contributions can lead to greater job satisfaction, career growth, and overall success.

Furthermore, when a company values product management, it often means that there is a culture of collaboration and communication between different departments. This can lead to more efficient and effective product development processes, as well as a better understanding of the market and customer needs. Additionally, companies that prioritize product management are more likely to invest in the necessary resources and tools to support their product teams, such as user research, data analysis, and project management software. Overall, working for a company that values product management can not only benefit the individual product manager, but also contribute to the success and growth of the entire organization.

Top Companies for PMs in the Tech Industry

Unsurprisingly, many of the top companies for product managers are tech giants with a reputation for innovation and cutting-edge products. These companies include Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, each of which offers unique opportunities for PMs. For instance, Google is known for its engineer-driven culture, and PMs at Google enjoy significant autonomy and influence over product decisions.

Another company that is quickly rising in the ranks for top companies for PMs in the tech industry is Tesla. With its focus on sustainable energy and electric vehicles, Tesla offers PMs the opportunity to work on cutting-edge products that are changing the world. PMs at Tesla are also given a high level of responsibility and are expected to take ownership of their products from ideation to launch.

Best Non-Tech Companies for PMs

While tech companies dominate the top spots, there are plenty of non-tech companies that offer excellent opportunities for product managers. Procter & Gamble is one such company, with a focus on consumer products and a commitment to innovation. Other companies to consider include General Electric and Johnson & Johnson, both of which are known for their strong company cultures and commitment to employee development.

Another non-tech company that offers great opportunities for product managers is The Coca-Cola Company. With a global presence and a diverse portfolio of products, Coca-Cola provides a challenging and dynamic environment for PMs. The company is committed to sustainability and has a strong focus on innovation, making it an exciting place to work for those interested in product development. Additionally, Coca-Cola has a strong emphasis on employee development and offers various training and development programs to help PMs grow in their careers.

How Company Size Affects Product Management Opportunities

When considering potential employers, it's important to think about company size and how it impacts product management opportunities. Larger companies may offer greater resources and support, but smaller companies may offer more autonomy and opportunities for leadership. Ultimately, the right company will depend on your personal goals and preferences.

Another factor to consider when evaluating company size is the potential for career growth. In larger companies, there may be more opportunities for upward mobility and advancement within the product management department. However, in smaller companies, you may have the chance to take on a wider range of responsibilities and gain experience in different areas of the business.

The Benefits of Working for a Start-Up vs. Established Company as a PM

Start-ups and established companies each offer unique benefits and drawbacks for product managers. Start-ups may offer greater opportunities for creativity and innovation, as well as a chance to work on exciting new products. However, they may also have less job security and a greater workload. Established companies, on the other hand, may offer more stability and a greater range of resources, but may be less agile and innovative.

Another benefit of working for a start-up as a product manager is the potential for greater ownership and impact. In a smaller company, PMs may have more autonomy and decision-making power, allowing them to shape the direction of the product and company as a whole. Additionally, start-ups often have a more collaborative and dynamic work environment, where employees are encouraged to share ideas and work together to solve problems.

Diversity & Inclusion in Product Management: Companies Leading the Way

Diversity and inclusion are critical issues in all industries, and product management is no exception. Companies that prioritize diversity and inclusion not only create a better work environment, but also benefit from a wider range of perspectives and experiences. Some companies that are leading the way in this area include Salesforce, which has made a commitment to equal pay and diverse hiring, and Uber, which is working to increase diversity in its leadership roles.

Another company that is making strides in diversity and inclusion in product management is Microsoft. The tech giant has implemented a program called "Microsoft Aspire Experience" which aims to recruit and develop diverse talent for leadership roles in the company. Additionally, Microsoft has set a goal to increase the number of women and underrepresented minorities in its workforce by 2025.

It's important to note that diversity and inclusion efforts in product management should not be limited to hiring practices. Companies should also focus on creating an inclusive culture where all employees feel valued and supported. This can be achieved through training and education on unconscious bias, providing mentorship and sponsorship opportunities, and creating employee resource groups for underrepresented communities.

Compensation & Benefits for PMs at Top Companies

Compensation and benefits are key factors to consider when evaluating job opportunities. Top companies for product managers generally offer competitive salaries, as well as a range of benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and stock options. For instance, Apple is known for offering generous stock options to its employees, while Microsoft offers an impressive 401(k) match and wellness programs.

Another important factor to consider when evaluating compensation and benefits for product managers at top companies is the potential for bonuses and performance-based incentives. Many companies offer bonuses based on individual or team performance, which can significantly increase a product manager's overall compensation. Additionally, some companies offer unique perks such as unlimited vacation time or flexible work arrangements, which can greatly improve work-life balance for employees.

Company Culture and Work-Life Balance: What to Consider as a PM

Finally, it's important to consider company culture and work-life balance when evaluating potential employers. A positive work environment and a healthy work-life balance can lead to greater satisfaction and fulfillment in your career. Companies like HubSpot and Adobe are known for their employee-centric cultures and commitment to work-life balance, with features like unlimited PTO and flexible schedules.

By considering all of these factors, you can make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing a company that offers the best opportunities for your career as a product manager. Whether you're interested in working for a tech giant or a smaller start-up, there's sure to be a company out there that values your skills and can help you achieve your professional goals.

Another important factor to consider when evaluating potential employers is the company's approach to innovation and creativity. As a product manager, you'll be responsible for driving innovation and bringing new ideas to the table. Look for companies that encourage experimentation and risk-taking, and that have a culture of continuous improvement. Companies like Google and Amazon are known for their innovative cultures, and they offer opportunities for product managers to work on cutting-edge projects and technologies.

Finally, it's also important to consider the company's approach to diversity and inclusion. A diverse and inclusive workplace can lead to greater creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Look for companies that have a track record of promoting diversity and inclusion, and that have programs in place to support underrepresented groups. Companies like Salesforce and Microsoft have made significant strides in promoting diversity and inclusion, and they offer opportunities for product managers to work on projects that have a positive impact on society.

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