The Recipe for Stellar MBA Letters of Recommendation

Tue October 4 @ 1 AM UTC

60 minutes long

$30 per attendee


About this class

This session will give you tools to get impactful letters of recommendation. Letters that that demonstrate your competence and your growth. This part of the application is the social proof that the admissions committee use to see if you will enrich the learning of your classmates. You will leave this session with (1) a list of your recommenders, (2) a plan for asking for their help, (3) and vision for how they will help you tell your story.

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About the host

Benjamin G.

Leadership and MBA Coach: GSB/HBS admit, Apollo, McKinsey

To get into a top program you need to be a top candidate. I am here to help you be the best you can be.

I am a leadership coach. My goal is to help you find transformational growth in pursuit of your ambitious goals. I recently graduated from Stanford GSB and have been helping clients achieve their aspirations for almost a decade.

My Story:
The GSB and HBS admitted me with a GMAT score that put me in the bottom 10% of their students. I believe I got into those programs because of my accomplishments and the stories I could tell. I shared my personal and professional growth. I had experiences pushing back against executives, coaching leaders, and lifting others that made an impact on admissions committees. I want you to have those stories too.

My Style:
I typically meet with clients on a regular basis - once a week or once every other week - to identify values, skills, needs, and desires. We explore those topics, diagnose opportunities and roadblocks, and build action plans together. Many sessions end with "homework" for you to do or investigate before our next meeting. If you aspire to get that promotion or job pivot; build better relationships with colleagues, bosses or family; or get a clearer picture of your core values we can work on those together and make you the stellar candidate for the school or job of your dreams.

Most of my MBA coaching is done well in advance of school applications. I believe you should create your story before you try to tell it.

I do also offer more tactical sessions such as networking and interview prep.

What I expect of you:
You are creative, resourceful, and whole. I believe you are the key to the locks in your life. In addition to you being open to stepping outside of your comfort zone, where growth happens, I ask you to communicate your needs. Your feedback is critical to our success. And if you have a question, ask it.

What you can expect of me:
I will keep you accountable and be your cheerleader. You can expect an empathetic coach who is responsive to your needs and willing to push and challenge you.

My core strengths: empathy, strategy, and creativity
My core growth areas: vulnerability and risk taking