Crushing the Bain Case Interview

Thu September 29 @ 1 AM UTC

90 minutes long

$60 per attendee


About this class

In this workshop, you'll learn the unique features of a Bain-style case interview from an experienced Bain interviewer. We'll review a stepwise breakdown of each component of the case before zeroing in on two crucial areas: problem structuring and quantitative thinking.

You'll learn practical, actionable tips for how to nail these questions using tried and tested approaches. We'll then practice and hone these techniques using real Bain interview cases. By the end of the workshop, you will have:

  • A detailed understanding of the Bain case process and how you are evaluated

  • Step-by-step approaches to answer exhibit and quant questions

  • Live group practice and feedback with a former Bain recruiting team member

  • Techniques for additional practice, either on your own or with case partners

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About the host

Sam A.

Bain & MBB Consulting Recruiting, from resume to final rounds!

I joined Bain as an intern out of undergraduate and stayed for nearly 5 years. While there, I worked heavily with recruiting, running a school team and interviewing across many core and non-core schools. There were a ton of great parts of working for Bain: I attended 4 BWCs (Bain World Cup), participated in the leadership team for our local chapter of Inspire (a non-profit consultancy), and was a regular coordinator of our office's unofficial ski trip.

I've spent hundreds of hours helping students prepare for and navigate the consulting interview process across all three major firms. From the networking and clubs through to the final interview with the partners, I know the process. I've been in the decision-making conversations and understand how factors are weighed against each other, even when there are multiple qualified candidates.

After leaving Bain I led a strategy team for a tech unicorn in Utah, and now work in Venture Capital. I am exceptionally grateful I started my career in consulting. It gave me the credibility and experience that launched me into leadership.

I am originally from Salt Lake City and am happy to have found my way home. I am an avid sports fan (particularly college football) and love spending time in the mountains; hiking and running in the summer, skiing in the winter.